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i'm a freelance artist about to enter grad school in Atlanta in March. I'm a graphic designer,who loves to paint, draw, collage, i also do photography, illustrations, photo manipulation

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sketch Book Allstars

Sketch Book Allstars this is one of the most awesome blogs i've found on here, i feel really blessed to be in the presence of such amazing artist, keep up the awesome work guys!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

to my King

African King of ebony skin, over the moon and through the stars and galaxies i would fly through to reach you. your shoulders are broader than the Sahara itself with enough strength to carry the weight of your people. brown and beautiful you are, with an intelligence that supasses the infinate darkness of ignorance. you sustain me with your love in the same that the Nile sustains its people. when i long for you and thirst to feel your touch, i journey to your banks waiting for you to flood me with your love and gentleness. baptised by your essence and bathing in you glory. he is my alpha and omega...with arms strong enought to encircle me and all my problems, and eyes deeper than mahogany, everytime they catch mine i willingly fall and drown in them. he is the common denominator to all my equations and he mentally stimulates every cell in my being. i want to be your source supplying you with my lifeforce, come to me when darkness invades your space and allow me to illuminate your shadows with the radiance i receive from the Creator. through him i am transformed from a mere woman into his beautiful child, your annointed wife. chosen by him to be your queen in my own rite, by your side i stand rooted, unmoved, and unphased by the storm. your spirit has captured me and i am yours until the end of time.....


The chase

i feel his eyes watching me and suddely i know how it feels to be prey
i quickin my pace as my heart begins to race
its so much fun when u chase,
it's even better when u catch
cornered now, nowhere to run
hypnotized by the look in your eyes
i try my best to anticipate you move
maybe i can make a break for it...
i was wrong, (lol....)
overwhelmed by you strength, sinking into me
prey in your bed
loving every second
you consume me, and i am devoured compeletely
pronouns like "I" and "You" no longer exsist
they disappear and bring forth "Us and "We"

untold story

its an untold story of this incredible connection, it leads me in a direction... that i've been too afraid to travel. i wish i could have all, the courage and strength u poses. you live in the depths of my spirit and make me smile from my soul. yet i keep this story silent treasure. when i cant deal with the pressure. i retreat back to the memories you live in, i retrace the steps. in love with the concept..of us. i dont want to discuss.. the possiblities or what might be..i'm tired of saying i dont know and being indecisive..because my life is...will forever be, changed...i've made my decision i know what i wanna more games to more options to i feel..becoming impossible to deal...with the things i conceal i've already wasted to much time, tryin to find..the right pretenses or false images..the situation is what it is. and the more i get to know..the more i wanna show...u how overwhelming ur beauty is..can't believ i'm telling u this..and yet here i am at your alter offering every single part of me in every single way...ur willing sacrifice needing to be devoured by ur grace...i've always been yours for the there's no more misunderstandings...i've made it clear in the end i wanna be standing next to u

Lay me down.... ;p

lay me down

lay me down in the rise and fall of ur chest, i wanna be here in this moment spend this time with the one who knows me best. lay me down in feilds of lavender and jasmine, when things get so complicated and crazy like they have been. i wanna close my eyes and wrap myself up in you, pull you closer than close my favorite security blanket. protected, safe, and warm...i absolutely love it. lay me down, play me some coltrane, especially when it rains. lay me down after you've turned out all the lights, i love it when we have these quiet nights. lay me down after a hot shower, lay me down so we can make love for hours...lets just lay down

In the studio...

in the studio....

i went to the studio and attempted to paint u yesterday , i was missing u so much i needed to do something, i looked at ur picture in an effort to study the shape of ur face, the line of ur jaw, i looked in your eyes, got lost for a minute...but i'm back now, i usually start with the eyes and work my way out, i shaded the shadows on ur face, drew the outline of ur nose, filled in the shape of your lips...mmm i love the way their shaped, perfect fit with mine..i guess i'll step back and take a look at it, hold on a sec...ok so i'm looking at u now making sure my proportions are correct, measuring the length of your face, making sure the shape of ur head is correct, cuz baby u and i both know u gotta big ass, but anyway i think its a pretty good likeness, however it'd be even better if i had a live model..ha ha...that wasn't supposed to be a joke but u know what i mean. the studio seems so empty without my muse...i love havin' u here while i work

Saturday, March 04, 2006

work in progress