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i'm a freelance artist about to enter grad school in Atlanta in March. I'm a graphic designer,who loves to paint, draw, collage, i also do photography, illustrations, photo manipulation

Thursday, March 09, 2006

untold story

its an untold story of this incredible connection, it leads me in a direction... that i've been too afraid to travel. i wish i could have all, the courage and strength u poses. you live in the depths of my spirit and make me smile from my soul. yet i keep this story silent treasure. when i cant deal with the pressure. i retreat back to the memories you live in, i retrace the steps. in love with the concept..of us. i dont want to discuss.. the possiblities or what might be..i'm tired of saying i dont know and being indecisive..because my life is...will forever be, changed...i've made my decision i know what i wanna more games to more options to i feel..becoming impossible to deal...with the things i conceal i've already wasted to much time, tryin to find..the right pretenses or false images..the situation is what it is. and the more i get to know..the more i wanna show...u how overwhelming ur beauty is..can't believ i'm telling u this..and yet here i am at your alter offering every single part of me in every single way...ur willing sacrifice needing to be devoured by ur grace...i've always been yours for the there's no more misunderstandings...i've made it clear in the end i wanna be standing next to u


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