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i'm a freelance artist about to enter grad school in Atlanta in March. I'm a graphic designer,who loves to paint, draw, collage, i also do photography, illustrations, photo manipulation

Thursday, March 09, 2006

In the studio...

in the studio....

i went to the studio and attempted to paint u yesterday , i was missing u so much i needed to do something, i looked at ur picture in an effort to study the shape of ur face, the line of ur jaw, i looked in your eyes, got lost for a minute...but i'm back now, i usually start with the eyes and work my way out, i shaded the shadows on ur face, drew the outline of ur nose, filled in the shape of your lips...mmm i love the way their shaped, perfect fit with mine..i guess i'll step back and take a look at it, hold on a sec...ok so i'm looking at u now making sure my proportions are correct, measuring the length of your face, making sure the shape of ur head is correct, cuz baby u and i both know u gotta big ass, but anyway i think its a pretty good likeness, however it'd be even better if i had a live model..ha ha...that wasn't supposed to be a joke but u know what i mean. the studio seems so empty without my muse...i love havin' u here while i work


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