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i'm a freelance artist about to enter grad school in Atlanta in March. I'm a graphic designer,who loves to paint, draw, collage, i also do photography, illustrations, photo manipulation

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The chase

i feel his eyes watching me and suddely i know how it feels to be prey
i quickin my pace as my heart begins to race
its so much fun when u chase,
it's even better when u catch
cornered now, nowhere to run
hypnotized by the look in your eyes
i try my best to anticipate you move
maybe i can make a break for it...
i was wrong, (lol....)
overwhelmed by you strength, sinking into me
prey in your bed
loving every second
you consume me, and i am devoured compeletely
pronouns like "I" and "You" no longer exsist
they disappear and bring forth "Us and "We"


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